Monthly Archives: October 2014

Cycling Weather

Dramatic light on the ridge

Dramatic first light across the Albert Burn Saddle

After a week of stunning stable weather , it looks like we are poised for some more of the dynamic stuff that we experienced up at the Albert Burn Saddle.
I have been busy converting and uploading some of the time lapse sequences to higher resolution versions.

I’ve uploaded three of these to view tonight. The FIRST VIDEO is one of my favourites and is unfortunately short. Its of the lenticular cloud developing over the Albert Burn basin. PLEASE NOTE – because the high res mp4 files are much larger than the previous ones , you will need to wait a while until each is downloaded before you can commence to play it. It will depend on your download speed of course.

West towards Sisyphus.

The view to the west from the Whare Kea Chalet towards Mt Sisyphus

HERE is a short segment of a HR video of a storm over the same view. A longer version will hopefully be posted tomorrow.

South towards Earnslaw

South towards Mt Earnslaw

HERE is a longer video of the cloud coming and going over Mt Fastness. Its been blowing like that up there for most of today.

One Week Later

Dramatic light in Albert Burn saddle

Dramatic light in the Albert Burn Saddle

Its a week since we came down from Dragonfly Peak and still lots of files to review and sort through. Ill share a couple of stills and a couple of timelapse videos with you.

The first Time Lapse VIDEO is of the cloud forming and ablating above the East Face of Mt Fastness. The view is from the Chalet looking across the Matukituki Valley & over the summit of Mt Sisyphus.

Upper Albert Burn Basin.

This is a stitched panorama of the Upper Albert Burn basin from near the waterfall looking towards the North East – taken on our second snow shoe expedition.

HERE is a short timelapse Video of the night sky rising (or descending .. depending on your perspective) over Mt Aspiring to the West.
I’ll have a few more images & videos for you tomorrow night.