Day & Night Skies above the Saddle

Blue Skies

Blue Skies Above the Albert Burn Saddle All Day

The last 24 hours have been cloudless here which has meant that the daytime time lapse aspirations have been put on hold. Timelapses of landscapes without clouds moving by tend to be quite banal I have found. However the night sky here has been incredible and clouds are not preferred for photographing those. Consequently I was up for most of the night and should have a fairly unique time lapse video of the Albert Burn Night Sky compressed from around 8 hours real time in to to a 2-3 minute HD film.
Before the moon rose at 2.07 am the stars were so bright that I could clearly identify all of the surrounding peaks & see lots of detail around the saddle. Here is just one frame of a minuscule section of sky which includes a rock near the summit of Dragonfly at the bottom right side for scale reference. There are quite a few stars there … hard to imagine how God manages to keep track of them all.

Night sky at Albert Burn Saddle

Minuscule fraction of the night sky to the south of the saddle taken on standard camera lens. No telescope etc.

No sooner had I brought my gear inside at 4.30am than the sun was starting to illuminate the peaks to the west and south of us in spectacular dramatic style. Every sunrise here is unique.

sun rising on Aspiring

First (Sun) Light on Mt Aspiring this morning

One stand out view for me was Mt Tutoko – the highest peak in Fiordland – and a formidable monolith which I had managed to climb when I was more agile over 40 years ago.


Mt Tutoko in distance from the Albert Burn Saddle

Yesterday afternoon I took a stroll into the upper Albert Burn basin. I was followed most of the way by one of our Kea friends who had another go at stripping my Leki Poles while I wasn’t watching.

Kea Leki Wrecker

My Kea friend before her attempt at completely wrecking my walking pole (Leki Wrecker Kea)

Albert Burn Basin

Upper Albert Burn Basin last night

Selfie in the saddle

My first ever selfie near the Albert Burn Saddle late yesterday afternoon

Peak 2127

First Sun Light on Peak 2127 this morning

This afternoon we managed to make a short video sequence of the silly walks live parrot strutting the railing with accompanying sound effects (in stereo). So we now have our own genuine “Live Parrot Sketch”.

Ill sign off now & leave the last words & thoughts to Robyn again

Yesterday’s highlight had to be sitting outside at the table with our delicious stir fry at about 9 o’clock watching the sun go down, firstly on the peaks here and then on Cook and Tasman. There was not a breath of wind, not a sound. It was sheer magic topped off by a kea family fly past.

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  1. Its a pleasure each evening to see your stunning photos and hear what you are both doing. Hope a unique quilt design is being developed Robyn. Also nice to know you are havng some yummy meals too. Love those Kea!!! Yvonne.

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