The Rainbow Connection – coincidence or not?

Rainbow connection

Rainbow & five Keas above the East Matukituki valley this morning. Coincidentally the Rainbow valley is directly behind the rainbow.

Rainbows usually indicate that there is rain nearby. I suspected from the forecast that there would be. Early this morning we had confirmation. The large spectacular rainbow to our South West lingered for nearly an hour.
Everything in nature is connected. Our rainbow this morning was located exactly above the Rainbow Valley behind the south ridge of Mt Sisyphus on the other side of the Matukituki valley. Pure coincidence? The Rainbow valley flows into the Kitchener valley & stream which joins the East Matukituki at Junction Flat that I have written about in a previous post – in relation to Paul Powell’s Mountain Tree poem.
Our rainbow was special in another way. Initially there were five Keas at the base of the rainbow. I’m sure they wouldn’t know about pots of gold & stuff like that but there they were at the holy grail. After a bit of an altercation one of the birds eventually got chased away & then there were just four.

Poor Kea

Just four Keas & the rainbow after a slight altercation which saw one of the original Keas chased away – poor Kea.

Much like the old ditty I remember from my distant childhood that starts with ten in the bed & then the little one said “roll over”, so they all rolled over & one fell out, then there were just nine in the bed & the little one said ….. etc etc.
Anyway in the many mountain huts that I’ve had the good fortune to stay in, rain days usually signify copious amounts of uninterrupted reading. However for this one today that prospect just wasn’t to be. I have been itching to read one of my favourite writer and commentators about the natural world and its challenges, George Monbiot’s, latest book titled “Feral” which I have brought up here with me in anticipation of a rainy day but that’s going to have to wait for yet another (rainy) day.
Outside the chalet the day has been rather dismal but there were numerous opportunities for yet more frivolous interactions with our comical avian companions & to create some more time lapse sequences of the ever changing interactions of the light & clouds and the surrounding mountains and the rapidly disappearing snow.

Dismal outside

Outside the chalet it has been quite dismal for most of the day

Also I was at last able to extract some of the humorous still images of the Kea antics from the videos that I had shot over the last few days that I have been telling you about.

So without further ado – I will now present some of those to you for your enjoyment – at the start of the weekend. They have been very randomly and arbitrarily selected.

First up is our Live Parrot with some shots from his silly walks sketch that I described on tuesday.

Silly walks

My favourite live parrot in his silly walks sketch which we have been practising & perfecting all week

Live Parrot sketch

Silly walk to the right this time

Silly walks variation

Here is a little variation on the Silly Walks routine

Dunny Roof

This is the start of the mayhem on the Long Drop toilet roof previously described

Initially it all seemed quite peaceful

Keas on Longdrop

Keas on Dunny Roof

But then there were a few disagreements & scrambling for lofty positions.

dunny roof

Contest for supremacy on Longdrop roof

Keas Footwork

Some skilful footwork was needed at times

contortionist kea

As previously mentioned our Keas are fantastic and agile contortionists

kea show off

and great show offs

Kea portrait

They love posing for portraits

formal kea portrait

A more formal sort of Kea portrait

Kea wrecker

They are forever trying to wreck things

Kea in a pickle

And risk getting into a pickle in the process

side step

A variation of the silly walks routine is a nifty side step. To the left and to the right.

side step right

The side step has been practised and perfected on the long drop roof.

The rain is now setting in here tonight. We are expecting upwards of 100 mm in the next 24 hours or so. The wind chill outside is about minus 10C. Robyn has been beavering away at her quilt design for most of the day and making good progress with it . She will hopefully be able to tell you something about that herself tomorrow.

Have a beaut weekend wherever you are.

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  1. Pleased to hear you have started on your design Robyn. Will it have any Kea???
    Gilbert, Those jolly birds are giving you both such entertinment, who needs TV or books when they are on your door step. Yvonne

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