Monochromatic and a trifle bleak

It has been a dull bleak day here in the saddle with most of the views rendered monochromatic with just limited tonal range.


The view to the east at dawn.

Our Kea friends weren’t impressed either … they briefly called in for ten minutes or so and without their usual fanfare snuck off to seek shelter under a dry rock overhang somewhere.

Kea friend

One of our Kea friends wasn’t impressed with the weather either

I did attempt to capture a time lapse sequence of the changing doom & gloom but gave that away when I couldn’t keep the rain off the camera, lens & intervalometer. Umbrella was of nil use in winds gusting over 100 kph.

Timelapse at Albert burn saddle

First frame of my Time lapse sequence today

The heavy rain has caused spectacular snow melt and there are now waterfalls all over the place that weren’t present earlier in the week.


Heavy rain on the Chalet window


More rain – Milliseconds later

The forecast was for gale force Northerlies all day but the wind has been coming from all directions. Robyn has been busy with her alpine quilting project and I still haven’t had a chance to immerse myself in Monbiot’s “Feral” and Phillip Temple’s Mi STORY which I had been planning to read whilst here too.

Here are a few comments from Robyn who has been busy working on her Alpine Quilt project for most of the day.

Robyn van Reenen

Robyn Quilting at Albert Burn Saddle chalet today

Definitely confined to barracks today. The only change in the weather has been which way the wind was blowing – north or south with a few blasts in between. The Chalet was certainly a snug place to be and a delicious asparagus soup was the perfect lunch. There hasn’t been even a glimpse of inspiring Aspiring today and productivity seems to have slowed as a result. Still it has been a good exercise and hopefully more will come of it.

Robyn Quilting

Robyn at work on her Alpine Quilt. The Albert Burn Saddle is an unusual place for a high tech sewing machine.

Unfortunately this will be our last post from our wonderful Eyrie in the Albert Burn Saddle. Tomorrow we return to civilisation. I will continue posting links to some of my completed work from here such as Time Lapse Videos & Videos of the Kea Antics etc over the next few weeks. We have really enjoyed our time here in this magic and precious wilderness environment and bringing the blog to you.

Ka Kite Ano

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  1. Oh , so sorry to read that your time in the chalet is over, I will miss my nightly visit to your blog. For somone who will never be able to get into such remote areas of the S. I. Mountains I say ” thank you” for sharing your photos and comments. Yvonne

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