Time Lapse Videos are on their Way

The processing of all the files from our week at the Albert Burn Saddle is a major undertaking. Christmas festivities have impacted somewhat on the process.

The Time Lapses require quite a lot of discipline and even greater quantums of computer processing grunting etc. The plan is to eventually edit these and make a compilation with appropriate music and background sound etc.

In the meantime I’ll gently upload a few of the individual sequences as an entree to give you a taste of whats to come.

They are totally at random at this stage and have not been edited at all. The Vimeo blurb will give you an idea of what they are all about.

There are many more to follow over the next few weeks. I’ll post some Kea videos shortly too. These initial video sequences are completely unedited and are pretty much warts & all.

Click on the BLUE TITLE at the top of each Video – next to the KEA insignia (NOT THE PLAY ARROW at bottom) to open & play them in Vimeo. (More to follow)


Here is a fascinating video of a Kea preening and scratching herself. This one unfortunately lacks a sound track however several others with sound tracks will follow shortly.
Click HERE to view the low res tablet friendly version of the preening, scratching & contortion video.

This timelapse video is of cloud swirling around the Kitchener Cirque on Mt Aspiring above the Aspiring flats. The distinctive Turnbull Thomson falls can be seen to the right of centre of the frame. For more information read the blurb and follow the links on the Vimeo site.

Lots more to follow soon.

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